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  • Scroll down to the bottom to find the Next Step button to proceed to the next step.
  • All of the steps are also listed at the bottom of each page of this walkthrough, so you can always jump around to any step you need.
  • You can leave this walkthrough by scrolling down to the bottom and using the main menu.
  • Do the items in the checklist and then proceed to the next step. You can watch the videos for extra help, just keep in mind that the navigation in the video to get to the settings in this step may be a little different, but once at the same settings page, the navigation is basically the same.
Step 1: Important Basic Scheduling Settings


  1. Click General Settings Below - Check settings are to your liking. The video walks through each setting if you need some explanation.
  2. Click Notifications - Double check "Mail Service" is set to "WP Mail".
  3. Click Payments - Choose payment options. For how to set up payment processing options, please check out this link. (Only choose Woocommerce if you want to take payments from China using Stripe's WeChat or AliPay options.)
  4. Important: Turn OFF On-Site payments unless you want to allow payments in person at your place of business.

Note: Video interface may look a little different than this tutorial interface.

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Step 1: Important Basic Scheduling Settings
Step 2: Your Profile & Availability
Step 3: Your Classes or Services
Step 4: Selling Packages
Step 5: Add Scheduling to Your Site
Step 6: Changing the Appearance
Step 7: Email Sending
Step 8: Notification Emails
Step 9: Creating a Customer Portal