Step 8: Notification Emails


  1. Attention: There are 2 tabs. 1 for Customer Emails and 1 for Employee Emails. The employee emails will go out to you, and the customers, well, you get the idea.
  2. Click through the different notification emails that go out when someone schedules something with you and make sure the content matches what you'd like it to say.
  3. You can use "placeholders" that look like this: %service_name% These placeholders let you populate the email with data collected from your customers or from your services. You can see all available placeholders by clicking View Placeholders. Then just copy and paste them where you want in your emails.
  4. Turn off Next Day Reminder and Follow Up Emails. Those require a cron job that is not available with your website.

Note: Video interface may look a little different than this tutorial interface.

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