Step 9: Creating a Customer Portal


  1. Copy the shortcode below.
  2. Paste the shortcode on a page you already have or create a new page. Copy the URL of the customer portal and put it in your emails to your customers.
  3. If you don't want to set up a customer portal right now, no problem. You can schedule the dates for a package your customer purchased for them by going to Services -> Packages and click on the Purchased Packages button.

Note: Video interface may look a little different than this tutorial interface.

1. Copy and paste one of the shortcodes below:

2. Choose one of your current pages or create a new page to paste the shortcode on:

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3. Put the Customer Portal URL in your settings

  • Click "Roles Settings" below and then the "Customer" tab and paste the URL of the page with your customer portal in the space that says, "Customer Panel Page URL".

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3. Update Your Emails to Send Customer to Your Customer Portal Page

  • Click through the emails below and either add the URL for the customer portal page or use the customer portal placeholder.

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